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Martin Sumichrast:

Martin Sumicrast has developed an illustrious career as an entrepreneur over the past 25 years. Throughout his experience Sumichrast has worked in several executive positions and continue to build up businesses in finance and real estate economics. Martin Sumichrast is not one to steer away from a challenge and after starting several successful businesses for developing startups as well as investing in real estate, he has continued to provide support to other companies in a consultant’s role. Sumichrast has worked to facilitate dozens of business mergers, transactions and investments across the world. He consistently travels for his clients and can regularly be found in a different city each day of the week.

Martin Sumichrast does not mind business on the road however and he has shared some of his ideals on the practice of being an international businessman through the two Sumichrast books, Opportunities and Financial Careers and The New Complete Book of Homebuying.

Both of these books share Sumichrast’s extensive passion for international business as well as tips from his years of experience in the homebuying industry and business investment/consultancy role. By writing these two books it was Sumichrast’s hope that others entering into his career path could draw from his 25 years of wisdom and have a jumpstart in their own careers. Each one of these books is available via the Martin Sumichrast website or throughout Amazon and a few other online publishers.

2 1/2 decades is certainly not something to scoff at for experience in the business world and Sumichrast has made the most of his time facing a number of challenges along the way. Through his experience, Sumichrast has determined that efficiency is one of the best ways to handle challenges and do more with any business in his field. Sumichrast is now much more conservative with the business opportunities that he approaches every day. The main task that he is faced with on a day-to-day basis now involves more of an advisory role or board level participation role. Through emerging, consulting and private angel investing, he has continued to participate in the business world as a mentor/ leader. Sumichrast still provides one-on-one support to businesses but his main role is ensuring his quality staff members can solve problems and get clients the support that they need for making quality real estate investment deals and for driving progress in the Sumichrast company forward.

Aside from his business experience, Sumichrast as many passions in his personal and family life. As an active member of his community he regularly spends time volunteering in getting out with his family. Sumichrast is also a regular contributor on popular websites like Seeking Alpha and The street. Sumichrast is also quite often quoted by some of the world’s most popular news sites like CNN and forums.

As part of his own goal to reach out to other business owners and act as a mentor, Sumichrast recently began publishing The Sumichrast Report. This professional blog site owned and managed by Sumichrast, is where you will consistently find new commentaries and articles on US real estate, emerging investment markets, global finance and the state of the US economy. It is Martin’s goal that this blog to help a number of business owners as well as investors to make some decisions based on his years of expertise. By following the Sumichrast report regularly you can receive a consistent feed of new investment advice, economic advice and more. The Sumichrast report is completely free to access and it’s almost like having a constant message from Martin himself to guide the progress of business owners worldwide.

For more information on Martin Sumichrast or to learn more about his book, check out the rest of this website. Thanks again for stopping by and be sure to check out the Sumichrast report today!

Martin Sumichrast is also well known for his passion in the real estate industry, project development and manufacturing in Charlotte, NC USA.

In the year 1993, Sumichrast became a co-founder of the Czech Fund, which helped in financing quite a number of privatization initiatives. One of such thriving investment involved the purchase and possession of Prague’s Hotel Fortuna, which was the foremost Eastern European hotel to be chosen as a Choice Hotels International, Inc., “Quality Hotel.”

This highly dedicated fellow ultimately transformed and positioned the firm to become the popular international brokerage firm, Global Capital Partners, Inc.

Martin Sumichrast had his university education at the University of Maryland and can be contacted using the contact info on this website.

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